Training Delivered over the Internet

What's in it for me?
Our dynamic Internet-based e-Learning experience combines the benefits of traditional classroom learning and the dynamics of computer-based training in a comprehensive program that fits your learning style, adapts to your schedule, fulfills your personal needs, and adjusts to your preferences.® includes every element in our learning program - all available 24/7!

I want Fast Deployment
With® your company or organization can have almost immediate deployment of hundreds of interactive courses in a personalized environment with your corporate brand. Learner’s logon and access courses from a dynamic learning site customized with your corporate message. Using the power of the Internet, you monitor use and manage the site through a dynamic learning management system (LMS).

I want Enterprise Administration with Group Control
With the® LMS you get multiple levels of administrative control so supervisors, managers, directors and executives can get instant access to the information and tools they require.

I Want to Learn when my Schedule Permits
Our online "classroom" is organized for the convenience and needs of the learner, not the instructor. Users can login and train from virtually anywhere, anytime. Courseware is designed to help you become competent in the least amount of time with the least amount of training. And our student-centered methodology helps students stay motivated by mapping a curriculum to accomplish learning objectives.

Learning Features:

Administrative Features:

MediaPoint™ Technology
The gateway to rich media for all Internet users

With a MediaPoint CD you'll enjoy the e-Learning experience with significantly reduced bandwidth and streaming challenges. MediaPoint technology allows the student to access video instruction over the web while avoiding the potential problems associated with streaming video. This unique solution provides a consistent learning experience, minimal bandwidth requirements, and technical simplicity. For the learner, virtually nothing could be easier than loading a CD to gain access to an online course.

Content Last Updated 7/26/2010